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brick walls

this year has been a tough one.
my oldest sister left to college,
never-ending friend trouble,
endless piles of homework and annoying teachers,
bringing huge amounts of stress,
and numerous other things.
i know that as you think about it, these problems aren't all that big.
but something i realized this year is that each problem i face i build a brick wall to allow me to handle life and to keep my soul from spilling out.
often times i do this without thinking.
if a friend says something mean to me in school, i construct a wall to keep from breaking down in front of everyone.
each time i get hurt, i add another wall to my fortress,
and by the end of the year my soul is surrounded by brick walls,
which block out the thoughts, creativity, love, kindness, happiness, eagerness, and passion.
something else i realized is that summer is more than just a break from school.
not only do i catch up on my sleep and the things i wish to do,
but i have the chance to remove the multitude of walls…