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"i wanted to save you"

we were simply playing a game. she would jump off the rock and begin flouting down the swift current. i would be sitting on the rocks submerged in water. when she came my way, i would quickly pull her in. there was no danger in this- until my little sister jumped out too far. the moment she did i pushed off the rock to help her come in. we began flowing down the roaring current. when we neared a rock jutting out of the water i shoved her as close to the rock as possible, so she could grab onto it. when i did this it caused me to be pushed back farther into the current. i was nearing the place where it would be nearly impossible to return; however, i was fine. i knew how to swim well, and more importantly, knew how to get out of the dangerous rapids. when i glanced back at my sister to see if she had made it safely to the rock, i saw that she was swimming towards me. i began yelling at her to swim to the rock. but she kept on coming to me with her hand held out, yelling, "olivia, …