(photo taken by Jessica Jansma)

Some are grateful for books or school's end;
I am thankful for family and friends. 
Some doubt a friend's love stays forever;
But friendship is a precious treasure. 

A friend adds joyful times to our lives
and is there when hard trouble arise.
Whenever you need a listening ear,
You can rely on them to be near.

Even when hardships occur, don't worry.
Your friendship doesn't have to turn blurry.
So, please don't give up on your friendship
Because life is only a short blip.

eighteen more days until my best friend comes down to brasil for a visit!


  1. awww this is an amazing poem Olivia, I just realized that I rarely actually use your name :) I love this poem, your blog, and most of all you. I am soo excited to see you in 18 days! And I also really hope that you didn't stay up till 3:53am to write this :)


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