jungle rain

there is something about jungle rain that is so perfect. maybe it is the way it falls lightly on your head as you climb under the branches or the way all the leaves glisten with fresh rain drops. the sunlight shining on the falling water gives a beauty above all else.  the movement of trees caused from the cold wind above intrigues me. even the damp leaves under my feet that few have trodden on hold untold beauty. the smell of rain and green plants is great. the best  part though is how the wet jungle shows the power and creativity of the one true God. my God. when i walk through the jungle rain i feel at peace knowing that my Creator is nearby and will never leave me. after a stressful day at school, i can walk under those huge trees that have been growing for years and suddenly all my problems and trials seem small and unimportant.
however, sometimes that jungle rain turns into a storm. The thunder rumbling and lightening cracking makes me want to roll up in a tight ball and hide away like all the spiders, lizards, and snakes on the jungle floor. watching the lightening destroy the foliage makes me feel vulnerable and helpless. the wind tearing the trees down just like Hitler tearing down the Jews intensifies the agony. the storm seems to drag on for so long; however, it always ends.

none to soon the rumbling fades and the bright flashes are spaced wider apart. soon all i see is the destruction the storm left behind. but when i go back to the jungle next time that destruction will be gone, turned into natural beauty.

the jungle is so like my life. when a light rain comes it seems like nothing could ever go wrong and i have everything under-control. i can see all the beauty in this world and my Heavenly Father appears close. though because of sin there has to be those times were the world appears upside down. day after day is terrible. homework is thrust upon us like never before bringing loads of stress. Then i just want to shrink up in my bed and have everything be all right. thankfully those times always come to an end. my life is a cycle. a never ending wheel of good times and bad.


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