closing the book the young girl slipped out of the bed now ready to face reality.
she never understood how, but the fairy tales she read provided light to her dull life.
the tales made it capable to face the shallow and misunderstanding people in her life.
reading those fantasies made her feel like her life held purpose.
the words that formed into stories showed that love still existed.
the characters woven into the plot let her believe that heroes were out there.

however, on some days the fantasies were simply not capable of providing sufficient coverage from the darkness; 
instead, her story-filled books made her reality even grayer.
the truth and loyalty between good friends in the tales showed her that she had no one to confide in.
the "happy ever afters" made her feel like her life could never change for the better.
the beautifully printed words gave her no joy. 
on those days she believed that only villains existed.
fairy tales saved her from reality, yet at the same time reality kept her from fantasy.


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